Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fresh Start

So... I'm not the best blogger on the block. But my goal is to change that. :)

Welcome if you're joining me from my original food blog, From My Teeny Tiny Kitchen. I still plan on posting recipes to that blog, you'll just see the picture here. At least that's the plan.

Also a big "Welcome" to those who may not know me.

My name is Page. I like to cook. I'm running, although not liking it too much but still putting on the shoes. My wonderful boyfriend supports me through all of my ups and downs. Our dog, Jack, loves me unconditionally...I think giving him cheese helps with that.

This blog will definitely be more personal than my other and my intent is to chronicle the journey to a healthier, teeny-tinier me. :)

It's the

brand new Page

1 comment:

ty said...

I want to be a Teeny Tiny Ty too!

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